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Fitness Exercises for Fast Results

Do THIS for Faster results The time that you spend on exercise can be used even more effectively for faster results. When you decide which exercises to include in your routine, it is important to consider the type of movement involved. The simpler the movement, the fewer calories you’ll burn and the fewer muscles you […]

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5 Sneaky Ways to Hit Your Fitness Goals and Burn Calories at Work

You may think the 30 minutes you spend every other day in the gym is enough to keep you trim and healthy, but it’s not. If you want overall good health, you need to eat well and find windows of exercising opportunity every day—not just during your scheduled workouts.How can you squeeze in a little […]

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That Feels Good

That feels good…

I realized something important about exercise that’s worth sharing with you. Most of the time, when encouraging you to exercise, I focus on health and fat loss. These are two significant benefits, but there’s another side effect of exercise that’s hugely important… How you feel after doing it. Every workout has an immediate impact on your energy, mood, body […]

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The Snap Back Effect

The Snap-Back Effect

The Snap-Back Effect According to popular statistics, only 8% of New Year’s Resolutions are successfully kept. This means that 92% of us that are brave enough to set out for self-improvement will fail. Those aren’t very good odds. Thankfully there is science that explains this curious “Snap-Back Effect” and offers us tools to make the […]

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Easy Breakfast Skillet

Easy Breakfast Skillet – Healthy Choices | Southside Barbell

Easy Breakfast Skillet There are endless combinations of flavors and ingredients that you could put into a savory breakfast skillet, so don’t feel that you must follow my suggestions below. Use your favorite breakfast meat, veggies, spices and herbs to create a breakfast skillet that is uniquely suited to your taste. Courtesy of Servings: 6 […]

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Don't See Your Scale Results?

Don’t See Your Scale Results? See Why!

This ever happen to you? You realize that you want to lose the weight and to get into phenomenal shape. You believe that your health is important to you, and that you want to improve the quality of your life through diet and exercise. You feel that this time it will be different, that this […]

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Throwing Up Weights and Beer

Our 1st 2017 Annual Throwing Up Weights and Beers Event

On Saturday, October 14th, 2017 we hosted our 1st 2017 Annual Throwing Up Weights and Beers event. We had a huge turn out and it looks alot harder then it seems. We had the top lakeland Athletes competing. It was hosted at Masons Live this year and we had a great turn out! We want […]

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Deadlift for Doggies 2017 Blog

Our 2nd Annual Deadlift For Doggies 2017 ASPCA Charity Event

On Saturday, October 14th, 2017 we hosted our 2nd Annual Deadlift for Doggies ASPCA Charity event. All of the proceeds that were collected to benefit the ASPCA in Lakeland, FL. It was hosted at Masons Live this year and we had a great turn out! We want to say THANK YOU to all of the […]

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