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4 Types of Healthy Veggie Noodle Recipes

Veggie noodle recipes?! Yes, you read that correctly. While it’s hard to find a dinner more satisfying than a steaming plate of flavorful pasta, by now you’re well aware of just how fattening traditional pasta is. I say let’s not give up on our favorite pasta dishes…let’s make these dishes lighter, healthier and just as […]

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Fitness Challenge

Crush That Fitness Challenge

One of the best ways to make a dramatic improvement in your body and your fitness level is to participate in a challenge. It is a chance to take a hard look at where you currently stand with your weight and conditioning, and to set a goal with an end date for making big changes […]

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Ginger Garlic Grilled Chicken

Ginger Garlic Grilled Chicken Recipe

To really succeed with your fat loss goal, it’s important to keep your meals light, lean and filled with protein. Try this recipe for marinating and grilling Ginger Garlic Grilled Chicken. This recipe makes lots and it packs you for a week of healthy lunches paired with veggies or dark leafy greens. This is just […]

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Zucchini Noodles

Cheesy Flat Zucchini Noodles

Here’s another guilt-free Cheesy Flat Zucchini Noodles Pasta recipe for you! You won’t need a spiral slicer for this one, simply use a regular veggie peeler – like the kind you would use to peel the skin from a potato – to create long, flat zucchini noodles. This recipe has a scrumptious, nutty flavor that […]

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The Best Chicken Salad Recipe!

Best Chicken Salad Recipe

Most chicken salad recipes contain loads of mayonnaise or dairy products, but not this one. A simple can of coconut milk makes this salad deliciously creamy while roasted chiles, fresh cilantro, sweet fruit and crunchy pecans really bring the flavor. Serve on large butter lettuce leaves. Courtesy of What you need for the Best Chicken […]

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The Fit Life is Calling…

I know why you’ve been reluctant to jump on the fitness bandwagon, and I’m not blaming you for it. Because fitness is hard. Want to know just how hard? Here’s a glimpse into the Fit Life: Truth #1: Exercise Counts Lace up your shoes and hit the gym instead of getting extra sleep, watching TV […]

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Easy Bake Halibut

Easy Bake Halibut

Think that cooking healthy is difficult or time-consuming? This recipe will make you think again. Simply combine the flavorful marinade ingredients, brush over the fillets and bake. It’s that Easy! Add a side of veggies and a dark green salad for a delicious fitness-approved meal. Courtesy of What you need for an Easy Bake Healthy […]

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Restart Your Results


It happens to all of us at some point. Your workouts are dialed in, and your body rapidly becomes leaner and more attractive. Friends and family notice and you feel fantastic. And then it stops. You are doing everything exactly the same as before, except your body no longer responds. You, my friend, have hit […]

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Healthy Food Tips

Healthy Tangy Green Beans

Green beans are low in calories and packed with vitamins and healthy fiber. This dish comes together quickly and the flavors are deliciously tangy. Healthy delicious and tangy! Try this recipe. Courtesy of What you needServings: 5 8oz fresh green beans2 teaspoons olive oil1 Tablespoon dijon mustard2 teaspoons brown rice vinegar3 Tablespoons diced yellow oniondash […]

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7 Ways Strength Training Will Change Your Life

Ready to get started – Here’s how. Positive Change!! You get married. Have a baby. Move across the world. Start going to night school so you can get a degree. All of these are life-changing events that make you a different person. But did you know your life can change significantly just by spending some […]

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